Solomon Islands coffee on Pasifika Path to Market

Solomon Islands grown coffee will be available at Auckland’s Pasifika Festival on March 25-26.This year, the Labuhila Coffee Farmers Association from the East Central Guadalcanal Plains region of the Solomon Islands are showcasing their coffee to several thousand festival goers.  It is a long way to come over land and sea, however they are hoping to expand their horizons and explore New Zealand’s love affair with coffee and its café culture.

The Labuhila Coffee Farmers Association (LCFA) are part of the Pacific Islands Trade & Invest Pacific Path to Market delegation where 28 Pacific companies from 8 countries will showcase a wide range of products and handicrafts at the Pasifika Festival.

For visitors it will be a chance to buy coffee from different parts of the Pacific and learn more of the back story about the coffee producers such as the Solomon Islands.

LCFA are participating in the third stage of the PT&I Pacific Path to Market programme where Pacific businesses experience part of New Zealand’s market landscape to gain a better understanding of the local market.

Liston Veni will represent the newly emerging group of 90 coffee farmers from the Guadalcanal Plains region.

The LCFA farms are family-owned and operated, growing about 320,000 trees over 130 hectares.

In its early stages, LCFA worked in close collaboration with an exporting agricultural business, Varivao Holdings.  However, the need for independence slowly directed it towards being a stand-alone entity.

Liaising with New Zealand coffee importer, In Café, the group explored exportation opportunities.  In August 2016, they sent 3 kg of green beans as sample to New Zealand – where the demand for it was confirmed. At present, the group is working towards  Fairtrade Certification and finalising the export of 2 tonnes of green beans.

In future, the association’s vision is to play an active role in both the local and international coffee markets.  LCFA’s fundamental vision is to empower its members to achieve sustainable development, with impacts that will benefit not only the current members but also the future generation of the coffee growers of the Guadalcanal Plains.

For more information please contact:  Ian Furlong, PT&I Trade Development Manager on


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  1. john wesley lelohado says:

    I was a native of sinoli mountain the three sister mountain of labuhila and vatupochau in the central highland of Guadalcanal would like to comment on the LFCA. In fact this association is form more purposely to create job opportunity for unemployed within the vicinity of Nakola and botongosi region. However it is sounds better but the lucky of funding is a barrier and difficult thing to promote its very own products. Therefore as a origin citizen I would like to apply to any donor partners to assist in any way they can.
    slim jay /son of john paul.


    1. Hi Slim Jay/Son of John Paul,
      Thank you for your post and reading our Pacific Periscope. We assist Pacific organisations and businesses who are ready to export to New Zealand. There will be a Path to Market workshop possibly next year. Please pass on your email to our Trade Development Manager Ian Furlong on or contact your local Chamber of Commerce who can keep you updated of the upcoming workshops. We also have another PTI office in Sydney who may be able to point you towards any funders. Are you able to forward any furtther information as we also have contacts in Honiara that may be able to assist. Kind regards Ellie


      1. john wesley lelohado. says:

        As a struggling farmer I kindly requesting your favourable assistance to donate me some equipment or money to improve the standard of my farm. In addition I also wish if you can help me to improve my skills and knowledge by assisting me to join workshop either in country or overseas.
        Thank you..


      2. Hi John,

        Thanks for your post. PTI NZ assists established Pacific Island companies who are ready to export to New Zealand. We cannot provide funding or equipment for businesses but I refer you to the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce in Honiara who may be able to advise and give you some information. The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce contact details are on their Facebook page and website, which I have copied here with phone number, email and website – SICC – Call +677 39542,, They can also advise on the next Path 2 Market Workshops will be held in the New Year. Thank you again, hope that helps, Kind regards Ellie


      3. john wesley lelohado. says:

        Thank you,
        I was well understand your post. I wish if you could assist me to join the up coming workshop.



      4. Morning John, Thanks again for you message. The Solomon Islands Workshops are completed for this year but there will be another next year – time and place tbc. In the meantime, please contact the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce to register your interest for the next workshop and they can contact you back in the New Year to let you know when it will be – SICC – Call +677 39542,, They can also advise on the next Path 2 Market Workshops will be held in the New Year. Thank you again, hope that helps, Kind regards Ellie


      5. john wesley lelohado. says:

        Afternoon Ellie,
        I wish if you can assist me to inform the SICC regarding the matter on behalf.
        It is my fine interest to join such workshop to enhance my skills and knowledge in improving and promoting the livelihood of my poor people.
        In the past I try to contact the SICC to assist my struggling people in terms of finance and equipment but they did not response to me till this hour.
        For your inform, we are very poor people who have no good educational background and in terms of financial matter is not easy to find. In addition to that they see us as a rejected people whom they always neglect our cries in terms of aid and government funding.
        Therefore your gracious support is a life time memory, green light or a new chapter for me and my people.

        Thank you
        John Wesley Lelohado.


      6. Hi John,
        Thank you for your inquiry. I’m sorry the SICCI has not come back to you. I suggest continuing to contact them for assistance with your buisness. Please give us your email details and we will forward it to our contact at the SICCI and copy you in for them to contact you directly. I’ve also emailed your enquiry through to our Trade Development Manager. What products do you or your village produce? We are a trade organisation that deals with Pacific companies that are ready to export to New Zealand, but we aren’t a funding organisation. However we have a Path to Market workshop for potential exporters giving information on doing business in New Zealand. If you would like to attend the Path 2 Market workshop next year please give us your email details. The SICCI are the best contact and we can forward your details to them. Hope this helps, kind regards Ellie


      7. john wesley says:

        Hey guy,
        This is my email address,
        Thank you
        john Wesley Lelohado


      8. Thanks John,

        I will pass your email onto Joe.

        Kind regards


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