Couple’s European expertise helps sell Cook Islands realty globally

After a successful stint selling high-end luxury real estate in Nice, France, along the beautiful world-renowned coastline of the French Riviera for a leading British agency, Jeff and Natalie Tikitau returned to their home in Rarotonga last year. “Although the French Riviera lifestyle is totally opposite to that in the islands, the transition to live in France was easy thanks to their years working as resort managers in the tourism and hospitality industry in Tahiti, French Polynesia,” Jeff Tikitau said in an email interview with Pacific Periscope.

Together with their first-hand extensive knowledge of their land, their community, culture, and local language, they created their new company, Jeff Tikitau Real Estate Cook Islands. Their office is located outside the Rarotonga airport.

“We currently have over 35 listings on our real estate portfolio ranging from luxury resorts, tourism investments, residential and commercial property, and vacant sections,” Mr Tikitau said.

PTI NZ Chief Investment Manager Manuel Valdez said, “We are in the process of listing these properties for international investment on PTI NZ’s investment promotion website Pacific Hub.”

The Pacific Hub website had facilitated three investment into Cook Islands properties recently, Mr Valdez said. These deals were covered in previous editions of Pacific Periscope.

Mr Tikitau thanked PTI NZ and Mr Valdez for promoting the properties through the Pacific Hub website. “We appreciate this,” he wrote.

Both hotel managers by trade, Jeff is a Cook Islander-Tahitian born in Rarotonga and Natalie is of Samoan-NZ Kiwi-French heritage.

The couple assisted many high profile clients from Dubai, Russia, UK, USA and Middle East in successfully buying and selling high-end luxury real estate in the affluent areas of Nice.

They now look forward to harness that experience, expertise and connections to their Cook Islands venture.

“The Cook Islands economy has experienced a strong run of real economic growth in recent years and now is a great time to invest with a record number of 168,760 visitors reached last year – the highest level in the nation’s history,” Mr Tikitau said.

“The passion for real estate was the reason behind our launch, to bring our international realty experience and professionalism back to the island. And we want to continue that journey here, with the same passion, drive, professionalism, work ethics and island pride,” Mr Tikitau added.

Jeff Tikitau Real Estate Cook Islands has already helped clients from around the world and the Cook Islands in acquiring dream investment property or second home.

“Our focus is to create the very best results for all of our clients through our energetic and professional approach.”

The PTI NZ Pacific Hub website will soon list the company’s properties.

For more information email PTI NZ Chief Investment Officer Manuel Valdez at


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