Solomon Islands in Japan’s sights

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Business opportunities in the Solomon Islands are being explored and promoted in Japan. Photo SPTO.

Consisting of six major islands and over 900 smaller islands, the Solomon Islands is a hidden treasure full of opportunities in areas such as mining, agriculture, tourism, fisheries and renewable energy.

The collection of Melanesian islands and what it has to offer Japan and beyond, was under the spotlight at the Solomon Islands Seminar on December 3 in Tokyo and hosted by Solomon Islands Tourism Office (Japan) as well as Tourism Solomons.

Tourism Solomons’ Marketing Officer in charge of Asian Countries Nelson Manepura; Kensuke Nishida, who currently serves for Tourism Solomons as a member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JICA); and Chairman of Solomon Islands Tourism Office in Japan Kazuyoshi Ogawa presented at the event, providing information to relevant companies and organisations about the appeal of doing business in the Solomon Islands.

The following day, the men visited the Pacific Islands Centre (PIC), also based in Tokyo and met with Director Roy Saito.

Pacific Islands Centre supports business between Pacific islands and Japan.

The trio were introduced to PIC’s activities, and provided with an overview of trade, investment and tourism between Japan and the Solomon Islands, based on PIC’s statistical Handbook for 2019.

As the Tourism Solomons’ Marketing Officer in charge of Asian Countries, Nelson gave a current summary on the tourism industry of the Solomon Islands, before coming to an agreement about deepening the collaboration between Japan and the Solomon Islands, in an effort to expand tourism in both countries.

Visit Tourism Solomons or PICfor more information.



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