Pacific food companies score big deals at Auckland food show

Pacific Island food and beverage companies that Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand hosted at the Auckland Food Show in July have reported export deals of more than $537,686 (as of October 3), in a survey of the participating companies that PTI recently conducted. Advertisements

Applying scientific rigour to Pacific product development

Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand’s inaugural Deal by Science project achieved an important milestone last week, with teams from the University of Otago’s Department of Food Science presenting research reports on the products of three Pacific Island food and beverage exporters.

University partnership develops innovative products

At the beginning of this year, Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand commissioned the Otago University’s Department of Food Science in Dunedin to work with product development for three Pacific Island companies from Fiji and Tonga (see accompanying story).

Bridging the Pacific Islands with Latin America

Though South America girdles the Pacific Ocean in much the same way as Asia, Australia and New Zealand do, trade and business ties between the Pacific Islands and South America are relatively few and far between.

Vanuatu’s pristine natural products fascinate Kiwis 

Sandra Mazzucco showcased her company The Summit Vanuatu’s products for the first time in New Zealand at the Auckland Spring Home and Gift Fair in August. The Summit, however, has been selling its products in this country through its online store for some time now.

Pacific’s finest tickle Aussie taste buds

The spotlight was firmly on eight Pacific island enterprises – Samoa’s Ma’oi; Fiji’s Foods Pacific Ltd and Genes Premium Seafoods; Vanuatu’s Azure Pure Water Ltd; Niue Vanilla Organic; NiuLife and Solagro Products from the Solomon Islands and PNG’s Superior Coffee who took part in Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia’s Pacific Showcase at Fine Food Australia…

Vanuatu tourism gets ‘China Ready’

Vanuatu’s travel industry is getting on the front foot in planning for future growth of tourism from China. At a “China Ready” workshop in Port Vila on September 14 presented by PTI China, industry heard from a range of Chinese travel experts and discussed strategic options for Vanuatu to benefit from engaging with the China market.