VaiWai water makes waves at London’s Caffe Culture

Cate Pleass, Marketing Director of Fiji-based Pleass Global Limited’s VaiWai natural artesian water is clear about her reasons for making the decision to invest in exhibiting at London’s two-day trade-only Caffe Culture Show 2018: 

Banz Kofi Fektori ticks all boxes at London’s Caffe Culture Show

Banz Kofi Fektori returned to London in October 2018 to further build brand profile, enhance commercial credentials and expand its target market penetration via exhibiting its premium branded coffee products on the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Europe booth at the Caffe Culture Show 2018. 

PIC hosts Palau Tourism and Business Seminar

Pacific Islands Centre and Palau Visitors Authority’s Japan Office jointly hosted the Palau Tourism and Business Seminar on November 1 at Shikonkan of Meiji University. Pacific Islands Centre is based in Tokyo and is part of the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) office network. 

Meet our new intern, Sonia Lusita de Oliveira

Sonia Lusita de Oliveira has joined the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand offices in Auckland as a student intern. Sonja’s internship is part of the Pacific Co-operation Foundation Summer Intern 2018-19 programme through the New Zealand Development Scholarship Programme.  

First imports of RMI fish into Japan augurs well for island fisheries

For the first time in history, fish from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) was imported into Japan on September 27 this year. “It was a big day for the fisheries industry in both the Marshall Islands and Japan,” Reiko Takada, Pacific Island Centre’s Promotion Coordinator told Pacific Periscope.