‘Coconut jerky’ to be showcased at Auckland Food Show

Tavulomo’s exciting new raw, vegan coconut jerky and premium grade Tavulomo coconut oil made from Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) will be exhibited at Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand’s Pacific Hub at the Auckland Food Show this week. 

J Punja brings new flavours of cookies at food show

J Punja NZ is a wholesaler and distributor of a wide range of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and commodities both from New Zealand and overseas including the Pacific Islands region, with a nationwide distribution network in New Zealand.

Tonga’s top coffee and cassava chips at Auckland Food Show

Tonga’s Tupu’anga coffee and cassava chips will be great new additions to the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) New Zealand’s Pacific Hub at the Auckland Food Show. They will also showcase coconut oil products from a long-established Tongan community living in the Lau group of islands in Fiji.

‘Heaven-sent’ chocolates with Alofas from Samoa

Samoa’s Koko Loa range of chocolates comes from the family business house of Wilex Samoa. Its name is inspired by Tagaloa, the mythical creator of the universe and the heavens in Samoan legend. “Koko Loa is heaven-sent with Alofa (love) from Samoa,” says Eddie Wilson, Wilex Samoa’s founder and CEO.

Samoa urges community support to buy fresh and frozen taro

Local Samoan communities in New Zealand and Australia have been urged to support products from Samoa by purchasing fresh taro and a range of new frozen products launched last week at Fale o Samoa in Mangere, Auckland. The new line of frozen products included breadfruit, taro, taamu (Alocasia macrorrhiza) and manioc.

Did you notice our two new dots?

Pacific Trade Invest clients, partners and readers of Pacific Periscope are probably familiar with the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) logo: the concentric swirl of several differently sized blue-green dots.

Solomons’ cacao key to winning silver in London

Solomons Gold chocolate has put Solomon Islands cacao on the map.  Solomons Gold received a Silver Award at the prestigious Academy of Chocolate Awards 2017 in London, for their Smooth Dark 70 per cent Solomon Islands Single Origin chocolate in the Bean to Bar (under 80 per cent cacao solids) category.

FMF to test new biscuits at Auckland Food Show

A household name across the Pacific Islands region over the past forty years, Fiji’s FMF brand is renowned for popular products like FMF Breakfast Crackers, All-Natural Fine Fare Cream biscuits and cookies and a growing range of sweet and savoury packaged snack foods. It’s state of the art flour and biscuit factory in Suva exports…