South Pacific Mozuku’s diverse catch on show at Pasifika

South Pacific Mozuku is a newly established business that specialises in developing innovative ways of processing seafood for local consumption and also with the aim of targeting international markets.

The company markets a diverse range of sea foods — from pickled sea grapes to coconut infused smoked blood cockles (Kaloaa), a variety of different deep water fish, sea breams, snappers and emperors.

It also has a tuna jerky range and is working on other seafood products like dried blood cockles and spider conch, to name just two.

“We are looking forward to Pasifika,” says South Pacific Mozuku’s Masa Kawaguchi, who will be at Pasifika along with wife Lily.

“I believe this festival will be a great platform for us to introduce our products to Pacific Islanders living in Auckland and also other ethnicities.”

What the company needs at the moment is exposure, Mr Kawaguchi said. “We want people to know that there is a vast variety of different sea foods in Tonga, and that we are progressing in developing new and innovative ways of processing these readymade products for consumption.”

South Pacific Mozuku is at Pasifika Festival through the Pacific Trade & Invest (PT&I) NZ Pacific Path to Market programme.

“The Pacific Path to Market Programme is a great marketing tool for companies in the Pacific. It will open the doors to a lot of companies and also give people exposure to the NZ market,” Mr Kawaguchi added.

For more information email Joe Fuavao, PT&I NZ Trade Development Manager at


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